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Ready to take your Revenue Growth to the next level? We take away the stress of keeping your calendar full of sessions. Proven Results are Guaranteed.

Our proven system will assist in obtaining New Bookings and predictably Grow Your Brand month-over-month.

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Why Partner With Patient Booker

Why Us?

We take the stress out of client acquisition! You focus on shoots, and we will Keep Your Calendar Full

Phone Calls

We drive phone calls from people in your area looking for your services

Chats, Forms, & Messages

We will get the conversation started and you book the session.

Booked Appointments

Book sessions online without even speaking to a client beforehand

Getting To The Bottom of It

How Does It Work?

Predictable Bookings for Med Spa's

Patient Booker provides a predictable system for keeping your calendar full.  Our system is designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

We will work with you to crush your competition, own the local market, and get your ideal prospects to raise their hand and say they are interested in your med spa services.

We expect results in as little as 3-7 days using our proven booking system.

We Understand Your Business

ROI Focused

We only work with clients we are certain we can help. If we cannot provide you a good ROI (return on investment), we’ll happily let you know. 

We are a data driven agency focused on boosting your revenue, improving visibility, and growing your practice. There’s no guessing involved.

1-on-1 Strategy Session

We will analyze your current strategy and show you how it stacks up to ShutterBox.

Opportunity Analysis

We identify highly impactful opportunities in your local market and implement the ShutterBox system to capitalize on them.

Action Plan + Roadmap

We will create a detailed action plan and timeline for booking your calendar full of your ideal clients.


Valuable feedback from our clients

They Delivered On Their Promise

They did what they said they would. I started booking sessions quickly and it has continued to grow month over month.

I Highly Recommend ShutterBox

When I first started the issue was booking enough sessions to survive. ShutterBox has helped keep my calendar full.

I Booked A Client The First Week

I specialize in maternity & newborn and ShutterBox has changed my business.
I've been shooting weddings for a decade. This is the first time my calendar has stayed consistently booked.
Some Thing You'd Like To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve found the best fit for our system are:

  • Wedding Photographers
  • Maternity Photographers
  • Newborn Photographers
  • Boudoir Photographers
  • Headshot Photographers
  • and more…..

We know it works and we know how to move the needle on our end.  3 things you’ll need to ensure the ShutterBox booking system works are:

  1. Quality Work
  2. Social Proof
  3. Customer Reviews

If you don’t have quality work, sorry , we can’t help you. If you lack social proof and customer reviews, we can still help. It just takes a few more steps.

There are a lot of variables at play here. That said, once everything is up and running you should start hearing from interested potential clients in 3-5 days.

The cost per book session will depend on your competition, location, niche, your work, and customer feedback. If you cannot afford to invest a minimum of $1,000 per month in yourself, this isn’t for you. We will ONLY work with you if we are certain we can provide you a satisfactory ROI. 

Once we get going, not very much. You focus on amazing photography shoots and ShutterBox will focus on keeping your calendar full.

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    Schedule Your FREE Strategy Session

    Copyright ©2022 by ShutterBox Digital. All Rights Reserved.